05 February 2012

Blog Transition

This will be my last post on blogger.

I have now moved all this blog's archive to Wordpress. It was a cinch thanks to all the posts I read on how other people did it. I haven't found any blatant errors or problems with the import either. Victory!

Please join me tomorrow at www.cynthiaravinski.com/blog for the launch party for Darlene Jones' novel EMBATTLED. I've interviewed the author and will share her comments on self publishing. Come see what she has to say!

03 February 2012

New Blog

I'm exited to say that I'll be moving my blog next week to a new location, and to a new host.

You can find my blog as of February 6th at cynthiaravinski.com where I will continue to talk about Vikings and my adventures in wandering around the words.

There will be a bit of a transition period starting tonight. Wish me luck as I move to Wordpress!